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                           Tom Tomoser
      The Consummate Gentlemen and his Sophisticated Sounds!
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       Tom Tomoser is a veteran of 30 years in the music business, starting out as a composer in the 70ís growing into a vocalist in the 80ís as well as a topflight record and video producer. Tomoser opened Lone Eagle Records LLC in 1997 after producing a Jazz concert with Tenor Sax man Joe Genovesi as the headliner.
       Tom appeared on ďAmateur Night at the ApolloĒ in Harlem and finished 5th out of 40 acts, this was before he became a professional. Two of Tomoserís music videos ran on ďVideo Country on the Nashville Network now CMTV. Tomís music is not country music but his Nashville experiences brought him together with top flight Nashville musicians and producers which led to Tomís ability to produce very high quality instrumental tracks, which he used to produce instrumental CDís and his own Vocal CDís. Tom uses the tracks he produces in Nashville, NY, LA and Omaha/Lincoln in his live performances.
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              The Consummate Gentlemen whose songs and voice reflect the lost art of chivalry. His music is reminiscent of the days when doors were opened for ladies and capes straddled puddles and their men seated ladies in comfort! Tom doesnít record he sings to each person individually. His motto: Music to fall in love by, music to make love by, and music to stay in love by. Let Tom Tomoser inspire the passion within you as you fall in love with his music.
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