Tom Tomoser is a veteran of 30 years in the music business, starting out as a composer in the 70ís growing into a vocalist in the 80ís as well as a topflight record and video producer. Tomoser opened Lone Eagle Records LLC in 1997 after producing a Jazz concert with Tenor Sax man Joe Genovesi as the headliner.
       Tom appeared on ďAmateur Night at the ApolloĒ in Harlem and finished 5th out of 40 acts, this was before he became a professional. Two of Tomoserís music videos ran on ďVideo Country on the Nashville Network now CMTV. Tomís music is not country music but his Nashville experiences brought him together with top flight Nashville musicians and producers which led to Tomís ability to produce very high quality instrumental tracks, which he used to produce instrumental CDís and his own Vocal CDís. Tom uses the tracks he produces in Nashville, NY, LA and Omaha/Lincoln in his live performances. This keeps cost down and makes Tom very affordable for small intimate groups or dinner music.

        By appearing in many talent contests in Tomís early years he not only honed his vocal skills and developed a strong stage presence he also became a very competent record and video producer, pulling from his Nashville connection very heavily as some of the countryís finest musicians are based in Nashville. Tom uses Lea Jane Berinati extensively. She is a background vocalist and producer who has backed up Elvis, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, as well as Frank Sinatra Jr and his sister Nancy. Top notch talent
     Now Tom is available for small venues that prefer Sinatra style vocals and music from the Sinatra Era.
    On the business side: Tomoser was a businessman before he was in the music business, Which makes dealing with Tomoser pretty straight forward. Tomoser performs live to his studio tracks. His repertoire is mostly big hits from the 50ís and 60ís Pop, Blues Country, & Broadway, genre, and Tomoser Original music that is of the same style as the rat pack era, Similar to Buble or Harry Connick Jr.

     The act is self-contained using his own sound system, but can use the venueís system if the venue prefers. Tomoser sells his catalog of 12 CDís from an unobtrusive display case making it convenient for the audience to purchase his products.
     Cost to book Tom Tomoser Live is very competitive because of the self-contained one-man show. Usual bookings are $100 per set or a two set gig for $175. 45 minute set generally runs 10 to 13 songs depending on how interactive the crowd is.

       Tomoser doesnít just sing he ENTERTAINS!!!

   To book Tom Tomoser Live
call Tom at 402-960-7050 or
Love Passonately
By Special Request
Silky and Senous