Bonus Track

              Tom recorded his warm, sensitive, poignant arrangement of “America The Beautiful” for a special 2009 4th of July radio broadcast. He opened the show with America The Beautiful and decided to open “By Special Request” the same way, adding his tender and touching treatment of this great patriotic song to make “Request” an even more memorable musical experience.

               By Special Request is the heart, soul, love, and passion, of Tom Tomoser. These 14 songs are a reflection of the epicenter of Tom’s musical creativity, and taste in music as he covers three of his favorite songs; My Way, Since I Fell For You, and You Don’t Know Me as well as performing 11 of his compositions. Influenced heavily by the Pop, Blues, and Jazz of the 50’s & 60s this is music that will touch you and warm your heart.

              Of special note is the guitar work done by Jimmy Butler on track nine, I Need Your Love Always. Jimmy Butler is the owner of four platinum albums for work as the Lead Guitar with Johnny and The Hurricanes first, and then with Dusett from Canada. Jimmy’s solo on the bridge is unbelievably brilliant.
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