Cool Smooth & Sassy II

Joe Genovesi

2008 Earth Wind & Stars Publishing Co. (602052116083)
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This is not de ja vou all over again! This is actually the first mix of "Cool Smooth & Sassy." We decided to re-mix the original and make some changes on cuts 4 and 10, to make "Cool Smooth & Sassy" all instrumental. In addition to that we mixed it totally different.

"Cool Smooth & Sassy II" is a more conservative mix with Sharon Saulnier doing the vocal version of cut 4 "You're Free To Go" and Cut 10 "Love Is Give & Take."

This version received very nice reviews essentially the same as for "Cool Smooth & Sassy," and it sold well in well-known jazz markets. It's a little more laid back than "Cool Smooth & Sassy." It's kind of like one of the songs on this CD. The first time I heard "Wind Beneath My Wings" was probably 1983 and it was sung by a country guy named Gary Morris. Well some where in the 90's they made a movie called "Beaches" and Bette Mittler not only starred in the movie she made a killer recording of "Wind Beneath My Wings. which is the version most people think of when they hear the title.

There was a difference in the 2 versions of Wind Beneath My Wings", but it is a matter of taste. The same here with 2 versions of "Cool Smooth & Sassy." If you like it laid back Cool Smooth & Sassy II is for you, If you like it a little more in your face and out front "Cool Smooth & Sassy" will fill your bill.

My thinking is there are so many different tastes in music the more options you have available the more apt you are to provide what some one is looking for. So if you like Stan Getz type tenor sax and a torchy deep throated alto singing a couple of cool love songs, for a bit of contrast, I think you'll enjoy this CD.

This is great romantic music to set a mood for a cozy evening with someone, it also makes nice background music, or if you're the type who likes to take a drive to get away from the pressure of the day to day routine take Joe and Sharon with you. They'll relax you!.

I never realized how much material I had in my library Starring Joe and with Sharon along to add the nice warm vocal touch. Keep watching as I have a couple of other CDs and DVDs with Sharon and Joe on the way.

Also have a pair of CDs with Sharon in the starring role.

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