Cool Smooth & Sassy

Joe Genovese

© 1999 Tom Tomoser (602052620085) (format: CD-R)
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Sophisticated, lush, plush ballads with changes that will melt you like putty in somebody's hands. Utterly sexy renditions of romantic fair just right for low lights and intimate conversations with your special love partner.
1 I Knew a Nice Young Man
2 Pretty Lady

3 Gabrielle
4 You're Free to Go
5 Nothing but a Smile

6 Misty Morning Girl
7 Before You Go.
8 There Is No End
9 Wind Beneath My Wings
10 Love Is Give and Take
11 Touch of Love
12 Girl in My Dreams
Important Note: As the producer of this album and composer of 11 of the 12 songs on this CD, I want to say that Cut 9 “Wind Beneath My Wings” is the best cut on the CD. Great musicians did a great job on a great tune, and it shows in every aspect of their rendition of this gorgeous song. 5 guys played their hearts out on this song, and like Frank said, “It feels so good when it’s so right.” “Wind Beneath My Wings” recently received an award for being played 6,000,000 times on the radio, that in and of itself tells you that it’s a song that most everybody likes. That’s why I put it on here in the first place. In the second place I don’t think I have ever heard an instrumental version of the song. So folks go right to Track 9 and see what I’m talking about, then come back and read about and listen to the rest of the music on “Cool Smooth & Sassy.”

“I Knew a Nice young Man” This was the original version of “Killer Alcohol” written in 1995 to announce by song that drinking and driving can lead to death. There is a 3rd version of this song with a vocal by Sharon Saulnier available on another CD & DVD called “Concert Clips. I had Joe Genovese do this instrumental version for this CD because it is so right for this collection of touching songs. (Insert Clip of Killer Alcohol.

2. “Pretty Lady” Is a clean blues tune with a great call and response by electric guitar, played by Ron Cooley. Paul Parker plays an exceptionally solid blues track, and Erik Hansen puts a very good bass line under it all. I don’t remember the drummer’s name of this song but he became a new father the day we recorded this track. “Pretty Lady” was selected for this CD because when Joe added his snappy tenor sax to the piece it made for a beautiful contrast sitting between “I Knew A Nice Young Man”and “Gabrielle.” “Pretty Lady” is good old-fashioned blues with some great musicianship by the boys in the band.

3. “Gabrielle” This is a song inspired by a big-busted pretty girl that was a cashier at a grocery store where I shopped. I decided early on that the melody and harmonies inspired by this knock out girl should have a full-blown orchestral production to do it justice. I hired an arranger, told her I wanted strings, she got the Omaha Symphony string section. I also wanted background vocals, flute, flugehorn, piano, and Bass. She added harp, which was a neat touch. It came down just right when we recorded it with some beautiful work being done. Paul Parker not only played piano but also he did a delicate duet playing flute alongside Mike Alverson’s Flugelhorn. Rick Swanson laid down just the right drum line and like wise Brian Sampson on bass. The girl on harp added an angelic touch to “Gabrielle.” Enjoy this great production of a sweet tune about a beautiful buxom beauty.

4. “You’re Free To Go” Features the multi-talented Brett Holihan, son of the late Ray Holihan pianist for the “Sammy Kaye” orchestra of 40’s through 60’s fame, on vibes, bass, and trumpet. Paul Parker played piano and strings, while Bob Hauck took care of the drumming on this one. Brett did a very nice job of working his 3 parts into a warm, tender and memorable love song.
5. “Nothing But A Smile.” I was commissioned to write this song for a young paraplegic girl. She was the daughter of a business associate. Some how during birth she had been deprived of oxygen and suffered brain damage and was paralyzed from the neck down. All she could do was smile. The lyrical version I only made one copy of for the parents, it basically said she was an absolutely special child who had been chosen and favored by God to be spared the struggle of dealing with the evils of the world. Musically it made a nice fit in this collection. Parker does an admirable job on piano and synthesized strings. Holihan plays his usual creative bass line, as did Houck on drums. Joe does a nice job on this sensitive tune.

6. “Misty Morning Girl” This tune was written about a girl living in Alaska and waking up every morning to the mist and the fog that hung over her area. Paul does some nifty work on a solo at the turnaround as does Sampson on bass and listen for Davey on drums. It’s almost like shades of the King Cole Trio from the time before Nat started singing. The “riff” the trio works throughout the song was tapped out by Davey be fore he kicked the tune off when it was recorded the first time. Both Parker and Sampson grabbed on and went with it, as did John Novak on acoustic guitar. It leans a little to the Latin side and moves right along. Samba anyone? Oh yeah Joe puts a snappy groove on his tenor line to make for a fun cut that moves right along.

7. “Before You Go” A pretty pretty ballad with strings from the Omaha Symphony. A delicate love song that I felt needed no percussion. Parker on piano gives a wonderfully sweet and sensitive performance topped off with a great solo. Genovese gives a neat performance as well on this sweet supple love song. Cooley does some nice “pretties” on acoustic guitar to accentuate Parker’s fantastic work. The stand up bass player from the symphony lays down a very nice bass line to hold the time together absent a percussionist. Again enter Joe Genovese with his deep-throated
pleadingly pleasant interpretation of this lovely tune. If you are a stereo buff listen for the separation and clarity as each instrument has been recorded, mixed and mastered to allow the listener to gather every nuance that was put into this lilting love song.

8. “There is No End” On One of my early trips to Nashville to study lyric writing I met a sweet young lady from Decherd, Tennessee named Emma Jo Morris. Emma was a lyricist looking for a composer to co-write with. She gave me a complete lyric entitled “I have No Need.” I put the music under it but I didn’t work with her lyric, so we retitled it and cut it as an instrumental. Joe Genovese does an outstanding job with a silky smooth delivery of a very lush tune. Parker and Joe were definitely on the same wavelength on this one as Parker’s fills beautifully accentuate Joe’s treatment of the tune. This is an exceptional cut with Parker also putting the beautiful synsthized strings. Bob Houck rounds out the group on drums.

9. “Wind Beneath My Wings” As I said in the opening remarks, this is an awesome version of an awesome song. Parker and Genovese complement each other every step of the way, and we got some unbelievable guitar licks from Ron Cooley not once but twice. Rick Swanson is outstanding on drums and Brian Sampson turns in a great performance on bass. The recording, mixing, and mastering are exceptionally good as well. The clarity and separation lets the listener hear every thing that is going on as if each instrument was being piped separately to their ears. Like they say in Nashville, “Less is more?” meaning no body ever gets in anybody’s way, allowing every instrument to be heard easily and clearly.

10. “Love is Give And Take" On a later trip to Nashville I met yet another lyricist, this one named Carlos Smith. He was also looking for a collaborator and he gave me the lyrics for this tune. I cut it with the lyric and took Joe in to pretty it up with the girl singer. He plays some very nice fills and did a great solo at the bridge. I pulled the vocal and had Holihan put in a piano solo that he did a very original take on. Parker put in the synthesized strings and Houck played drums on this one.

11. "The Touch of Love" Oddly enough this is another late at night noodling around the keyboard song. That never occurred to me when I made the line up for this CD as I put 2 love songs side by side to demonstrate the contrast between an acoustic cut and a full blown orchestral production. I found the entire song musically but could not get a clue for a lyric. The song sat untitled for about 2 years until one day I fit “Touch of Love” into the title line of the song and worked backward to build a lyric. I decided I would go all out on this one with a full orchestra and a video production as well. I had Katy Schrader do the arrangement including 3-part harmony vocal back up. I hired the entire string section of the Omaha Symphony, put Paul Parker on piano, and Polsen on tenor sax. I recorded it and made the video and it sat on the shelf. I pulled it back out for Cool Smooth & Sassy and put Genovesi on it with Polsen, 2 distinctly different styles and sounding tenor saxes. It’s lush, it’s plush, it’s romantic, it’s sensuous, and it’s made for love, that “Touch of Love.”

12. “Girl In My Dreams.” Speaking of winning talent shows this tune did get me a first place finish. I had a female judge that night and she fell in love with the lyric that elevates The Girl in My Dreams to the end all of wishes of any man. The owners of the club were amazed at the score she gave me and said they had never seen her give such high marks to anyone. She came up to me later and said to me, “That is a beautiful song I just loved it, where did you come up with such praises for a women?” I thanked her and said, “I have been looking for her for a long time. I thought if I verbalized my wishes I might find her.” She said, “Keep singing it, it will connect with a lot of women who are looking for a man who will hold them in such high regard.” Strange as it sounds I never recorded this song with a vocal. The easy Latin arrangement and a soft touch by Parker has garnered me a couple of offers to include “Girl” in other collections but I passed on them and had Genovese put a nice tenor sax solo on the tune and it makes for good Easy Listening.

"Cool Smooth & Sassy" was originally released in 1997, and was well received. However last winter I decided to re-master it. The results were wonderful and we now have a magnificent stereo recording that is unmatched in clarity and definition. I also decided to pull Sharon Saulnier's 2 cuts off the CD and use Brett Holihan in her place on the same 2 cuts. Brett played bass on several of the cuts on the CD but he is also a very fine jazz trumpet man and plays vibes and piano.

The sultry Sharo Saulnier will be reappearing on my new CD "Pretty Powerful Pouty & Plush". I will get the new CD to CD Baby just as soon as I get them pressed. Joe Genovesi is a sought after side man and session musician and has played behind all the big ones including,
Stevie Wonder, Eartha Kitt, Rosemary Clooney, Jack Jones, Karen Carpenter, Sammy Davis Jr., Debbie Reynolds, Doc Severensin, Marvin Hamlish, and Englebert, Just to name a few. Joe knows what to do with a musical phrase to reach your heart and soul.

Joe started playing professionally at age 13, and has been going strong ever since. Paul Parker a pianist who is a frequent soloist with the Omaha and Lincoln Symphony does some very fine work behind Joe as does, Ron Cooley on guitar. 11 of the 12 cuts were written by Tom Tomoser Sr. (that's me) who has been composing lush, standard type material for 25 years. I put in a Cover of "Wind Beneath My Wings" and it came out superb. Not only does Joe do a great job, Parker and Cooley turn in some great work to the point that it can be called a "Killer" version.

This is a nice representative sample of Tomoser's work which is influenced by several genres, starting with blues, jazz, black Gospel, Classical, swing and Broadway. If you're the type that likes to lock out the world and slip off to dream land "Cool Smooth & Sassy " will lubricate the passageway to paradise.


Omaha tenor saxophonist Joe Genovesi has the limelight on "Cool Smooth & Sassy" (Lone Eagle CSS971).

Playing music mostly written by Tom Tomoser the CD'Producer. Genovesi offers a marvelous, richly ornamented style that indicates he should be more widely known.
He gets support from Omaha and Lincoln rhythm and string players, and pianist Paul Parker
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