Lush & Lovely

Tom Tomoser, Jeff Sheffler Marty Marquez & Richie Love.

2008 Earth Wind & Stars Publishing Co. (602052120585) (format: CD-R)
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Beautiful Gershwinesque Styled Romantic Love Songs Cool Cool Jazz and E-Z on the ears.
1 Open Your Heart
2 Open Your Heart
3 No One Ever Loved Me Like You Do
4 No One Ever Loved Me Like You Do

"Lush & Lovely"
Love Songs For Two.

Music compliments emotions by stimulation of the heart, the mind, and the soul.Fabulous melweodies supported by outstanding harmonic structure elevates the body's natural thought or sensory perceptions so that whether you are just thinking of the One You Love or holding them in your arms, music heightens the experience!

When a well-crafted lyric is added to a great melody and an outstanding harmonic structure, the senses shoot up to limit of stimulation and beyond. Words of Love carried by music embolden Lovers.

Such is Lush & Lovely!

This is music to be enjoyed with someone you Love frequently, to keep the flame of Love burning bright in your hearts forever.

Go ahead! Indulge, Enjoy, and Experience your humanity to the MaXXXXXX !!!!!
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