Oh Israel

Tom Tomoser & Suzy Drazen

2008 Thomas P.Tomoser Sr. (634479921780)
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World music, dual language English/Hebrew duet. Jewish Music
1 Oh Israel

For twenty years I was the largest supplier of the raw material for the production of the Holy Torah schrolls, the most sacred Jewish scripture. Ninety eight per cent of Torah Schrolls are produced in Israel for worldwide distribution. Being a firm believer in eye contact in business, and face to face negotiations, in 1984 I made my first of 12 visits to The Holy Land. Though a Christian I was warmly welcomed not only in my customers place of business, but in their homes as well. I was privileged to see a lot of very important historical sites to both Christian and Jew a like.

Our Christian doctrine teaches me because I believe that Christ is the Messiah I am adopted into the House of Israel and therefore have many reasons to love the birthplace of my Lord and his people.

On the night before my return to America in 1984 as I sat in my room at the King Solomon Hotel in Jerusalem, I was inspired to write down a lyric, which I entitled Oh Israel. I set it to music shortly after I returned to my home. It sat in my file till last year when I was prompted to include it in a recording session with some other tunes.

I was somewhat discontent with the recording because I felt it lacked something. I asked a Jewish friend if he could recommend a Jewish woman who could both sing the duet and translate the lyric to Hebrew. Shortly after that I met Suzy Drazen and within a week she made the translation and laid down her part of the duet.

It was my intention to capture the spirit of Israel with this song. It is a tribute and anthem to the Sacred Land of my Lord's birth, His earthly Ministry and His people's homeland.

I hope you can feel and enjoy the spirit of Israel as you listen to Oh Israel.
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