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Sharon Saulnier

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A little bit of jazz, blues, bebop, swing, cabaret, and simple children’s song structure were used to build these two tunes.
1 The Smile of My Child
2 Sing A Song About Jesus
Well folks W.C. Fields used to say "Hate Kids and Dogs." He said that because they were scene-stealers, and he was right. But the kids are America's greatest resource. They are this nations future leaders, teachers, artists, athletes, and parents who will continue the American Family.

I love kids and work them into my shows and recordings whenever possible, for two reasons; kids need a chance to work on stage and in a recording studio to see if they like the arts and if they want to develop their potential as a singer, actor, engineer, or musician.

I wrote a song about one of my grandkid's smile. She had a smile the lit up the world and was quick to flash it. I received the inspiration for the lyric to "The Smile Of My Child" in Dillon, Colorado on vacation. Everybody but her and I got altitude sickness from the ride up to 12,000 feet. So the little angel and I explored Dillion where she charmed every one we came in contact with. There were so many comments on her smile that it came to me to write the song about her smile. Later that night when everybody was asleep and I had the lodge all to myself I wrote the lyric. When I got back to Omaha I wrote the music.

In those days I was traveling to Nashville twice a year to study lyric writing and trying to make a country music connection. Every body knew I wasn't writing country but trying to get my music produced country. One of the best things that happened in Nashville was I met Lea Jane Berinati, a super producer, arranger and back up singer. The first project she did for me was produce a country track for The Smile OF My Child." It's a great track and it's country.

Down in the depths of my heart I knew that wasn't the way I heard "Smile." I heard it as a groovy up-tempo jazz song with some neat blues changes. About 4 years after I wrote "Smile" I produced "Concert Clips" a jazz concert to promote Joe Genovesi's new CD "Cool Smooth & Sassy". I decided to have Sharon sing "Smile" to add another up-tempo song to the show.

We taped the show and pulled 15 cuts out to make a video of the concert. "Smile" was not in the 15 songs. This year when I pulled out "concert Clips" to review and remaster it I found Sharon's version of "Smile which I had forgot existed. I couldn't believe I had overlooked this cool hard driving up-tempo song with the greatest lyric about kids. Well I said I got to get that out and produced as a single if nothing else. Well as I'm listening I realize I did a tribute to kids in this concert and I had written a children’s Christmas song, and as I listened I said I'll put the 2 songs out and I'll put out the 2 songs on a DVD as well, because the audio was a hoot the video had to be a hoot and a half.

I was right! The video is a riot and it is a great example of kids being kids. The best part is it is a teaching experience for the adults and a learning experience for the kids. So is it perfect recording? Heck No! Is it a Fun recording oh yeah!.

All the kids in this are grown now some already out of college, some graduating H.S. this year, but back then they were innocent and unaffected by peer pressure and that's why I call them Angels. Pure innocence.

If you like fun and can enjoy kids trying to do it the best they can, hooked up with a great singer and a fabulous band you will love this CD and DVD.

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