About Angels The DVD

Sharon Saulnier

2008 Earth Wind & Stars Publishing Co. (602052111989)
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A blend of Jazz, Blues, Bebop, and an interactive Kids song

1 The Smile Of My Child
2 Sing A Song About Jesus

This is the DVD of the concert where Smile of My Child and sing a Song About Jesus were first performed.

Sharon gives a rousing rendition of Smile Of My Child and 4 kids join her on stage for a fun filled go at Sing A Song About Jesus.

It's a great interactive song with Sharon and Paul doing the verses and the kids joining them on the choruses. The audience gets in on the fun too.

Working with kids is such a trip. Listen for the extra"Hey" and listen while one of the kids decides to whistle along with Sharon on the last verse.

It's not a perfect recording but the song tells the greatest story ever told and the kids have fun learning the story of Christmas. It's an easy song to learn and if you got kids or teach Sunday School this will be of help to you.

Enjoy and laugh with the kids.
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