This Is For The Kids

2001 Earth Wind & Stars Publishing Co. (602052111187)
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Smooth country, featuring soothing yet emotional progressions that support non-traditional melody lines telling a great story with the lyrics. One might say a blend of blues, gospel, and easy listening with traditional country instrumentation.
1 Daddy We Go Fly

I wrote the lyric to "daddy we go fly" on Sept 11 and the music about a week later.

This is a touching story about a young family from Boston that was killed in the first plane that crashed into the first tower. I imagined this couple in their 20's with a 3 year old daughter were taking her to Disney Land. I built a story line around that idea, and put it to music in about a week. Lea Jane Berinati and her crew of session musicians produced a fine track for me and I laid the vocal down in Omaha.

About the middle of October or so I managed to get a flight and attended a songwriters Convention in LA I was allowed to sing "Daddy We Go Fly" the first time for an audience of over 2000 songwriters. It received a standing ovation.

"Daddy We Go Fly" is a not for profit song which I am donating my writers and publishers royalties to a Fund I set up to help kids who lost parents in the aftermath of the attack on the Towers. There haven't been allot of royalties as I have been unable to promote the song because of a nasty divorce and a bankruptcy which hit me 2 weeks after 9/11. The good news is I'm back on my feet and am trying to do whatever I can to help my fellow New Yorkers, especially the kids. I am very very hopeful that Americans every where will pick up this song as an anthem to remember a family that innocently gave their lives, that day in September, and all the other innocent victims of this senseless attack. We as Americans have always enjoyed the freedom to move about as we please, and no yey hoo in a kimono that kills and maims women and children then hides in the hills after his cowardly act, is going to alter our American freedoms.

Amen Brother.

Lets learn this song and remember that the little girl who died on Sept 11 was just as pretty , and just as precious to her family as the little girl on the cover of the CD is to Me and my family, or your little girl and your family .

It's like a battle cry similar to the old, "Remember the Maine, or Remember Pearl Harbor, well remember the little girl from Boston and thumb you nose at the coward from the east, Enjoy your life American style singing "Daddy We Go Fly" Daddy we go see Mickey Mouse , "Daddy We Go Fly" Daddy we go to Disney Land," yes my pretty little darling girl that's my master plan "Daddy We Go Fly." Remember "This Is For The Kids, is being sold at cost and all royalties are being donated to a fund to help the families of the New York Police and Firemen's Families.

I'm a native New Yorker, and "you can the boy out of New York but you can't take New York out of the boy" .

We sincerely hope you enjoy this tribute song and will tell your friends about it.

Buy it and contribute to helping the people of NYC.
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