Silky & Sensuous

2009 Tom Tomoser (602052920079) (format: CD-R)
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Sexy, Soulful, Romantic, lets get it on music to make love by; Fantastic alto work by Richie Love, plush arrangements, with symphonic strings, and great tenor work in front of some of the best rythmn sections in the land, put it on and get it on.

An Intimacy Enhancer

Seventy-nine minutes of sexy, soft, sensual, romantic music. NO interruptions! Eleven songs skillfully sequewayed into each other to produce a perfect background for intimate adventures!

Guaranteed to touch and awaken desires motivating you to pleasureable or relaxing moments.

Allow the skillfully selected songs to heighten your awareness deep in your heart and soul. Unlock hesitancy and uncertainty with the smooth alluring presentation of plush arrangements of gorgeous melodies.

Dim the lights, slip into something more comfortable, and let this Intimacy Enhancer elevate you to the portals of perfect pleasure!
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